“The Dracula Dossier” by James Reese

The Dracula DossierMy husband gave me this book when all the vampire books were big (I guess they still are). Think the idea was to give me a more grown up book than Twilight.

While taking an evening stroll through one of London’s most impoverished districts, author Bram Stoker spies a maddeningly familiar figure hurrying through the shadows. Little does he know that, only a few steps away, a vicious killer has claimed his first victim, a local prostitute. The crime spree of the century has begun—and the hapless writer is the prime suspect. Now, to clear his name, Stoker must enlist the aid of illustrious friends—including Walt Whitman, the wildly popular novelist Sir Thomas Henry Hall Caine, and Lady Jane Wilde, mother of the most notorious literary notable of the day—to hunt down the fiend who is taunting and terrorizing London and calling himselfJack the Ripper.

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