“Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon

OutlanderMy friend Karen tried to get me to read this book for years. I mean years and years. And I just couldn’t get into it. Tried a couple times. But then I was home sick for an extended period so decided to give it one more try. Well the timing was right. I couldn’t out it down. Swept me back to those romance novels I used to sneak off my mom’s bookshelf when I was a kid. But Outlander is way better cause you actually get some history too! So in honour of the tv series currently playing in Sunday nights, I had to mention Outlander (and the multitude of books in the series which I have yet to get through all of them but the show has me wanting to continue them now). Heard the author Diana Gabaldon at a book reading years ago. Can you imagine coming up with an idea and keeping that series going for almost 25 years now. Published in 1991.

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Trailer for the show!

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