Meditation is exercise too!

meditationAll my exercising isn’t going to be physical. Can’t do that every single day. So on some days it will be just the process of taking 15 minutes for myself. And that is what I feel like when I meditate. That I am rewarding myself with time for just me. I am terrible at meditating. I did the Oprah and Deepak Chopra 21 day challenge this summer (which I highly recommend) and even after 21 days I still find my mind wandering (or a few times falling asleep). But that is okay. It’s still time I figure I made for myself. I will get better. Takes years of practice. Now if I could only invent a way to write down all my brilliant thoughts while I’m meditating!!

There are lots of meditations on YouTube. I have to find a voice that I like in order to follow the meditation, so search for one you like.  I prefer Deepak Chopra’s voice.

Meditation with Deepak Chopra

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