Day 39 – Is Halloween Really Happy?

Happy HalloweenThe last couple years of Halloween have been kind of strange. My kids don’t trick or treat anymore. And like other things that come to an end, it always feels weird not to race around finding them a costume (and usually at the very last minute as I did not win the best mother of the year award when it came to organizing costumes!).

And we didn’t carve out the pumpkins last year. Just stuck them outside on the stairs. I at least put out our one door decoration (affectionately known as witchie-poo).

We have almost become one of those houses where we turn off the lights and pretend we aren’t home. I said almost! I could never not hand out candy to the 6 kids who traipse up our stairs each year.

I just can’t believe that I am at that stage in life where Halloween isn’t the best holiday next to Christmas for the kids. I still vividly remember every costume I wore as a kid and going trick or treating. And trying to go out even when you were too old but you used your younger brother as your excuse for going out. When chocolate bars were big and it wasn’t a good night until you filled a pillow case.

And I loved watching my kids dress up for Halloween, even when I was panicking about what they could wear.boys at halloween

The concept of Halloween is such a strange one. It has pretty much everything that could possibly go wrong all wrapped up in to one holiday – talking to strangers, taking food from strangers, dark nights, ghosts and goblins, fireworks being set off by dads who have had one too many beer after work, costumes and masks concealing identity. I mean really, what could possibly go wrong with such a holiday.

Boys at halloween 2But yet we still embrace all that is Halloween and it’s quirky traditions. And we miss it when the trick or treating ends.

Thank goodness I still buy enough candy for those imaginary flocks of kids that are going to surprise me this year, because without it I would have nothing to enjoy about Halloween anymore. Leftovers are a good thing!

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2 Responses to Day 39 – Is Halloween Really Happy?

  • This is an interesting perspective and I must admit I was so disappointed to hear that a few of my neighbours were turning their lights out. Because I teach elementary children, I still see the excitement and joy that this fun costume day brings. I see the frazzled mothers on Halloween morning, barely able to get dressed to prepare their little ones for the day – but their smiles when bringing their kids to school makes my heart warm. I watched a little girl walk all the way to school holding up her princess dress, like a princess, while her dad held the umbrella over her head, carrying her back pack. Love it. And yet, two of my kids went to parties last night and I think that one of them made it home, maybe two. Pretty sure I heard a door at 7am that was Quinn. Brad, Quinn and Hannah did our pumpkins, but now with power tools, drills and more decorative rather than faces. I saw some great pumpkins that simply had paint spilled on them, no carving but looked awesome. I like the feeling of community that kids are able to go to different houses and feel welcome on this night, our court kids still make sure we pop over our full size chocolate bars …. but alas, three families are moving from our court, two down sizing. I am looking forward to hockey nets, forgotten basketballs and bikes whipping around our court, because literally 10 years ago, that was me. And I loved my ‘senior’ neighbours that came out and enjoyed my kids. Yes, Tammi we are months away from getting senior discounts at rec centres and maybe what you are feeling, as I have all summer, is a touch of sadness that the excitement that Halloween brings is no longer in our house. I miss it too. Keep the light on, put out witchy-poo, even for six kids, it is worth it. Hugs xoxo

    • Wow we are becoming the senior neighbours. Kind of cool! And yes, witchy-poo hung proudly and the 12 kids that came got more than their share of candy. xoxo