“Dedication” by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

DedicationHow would you like to have your relationship displayed for the world in a song? And not just once. From the authors of the Nanny Diaries, this story is another beach read that you won’t put

Jake Sharpe is one of the biggest recording stars of our generation and every song he’s world-famous for is about Kate Hollis. For over a decade his chart-topping music — chronicling every intimate detail of their high school relationship — has chased her, each hit more personal than the last. Now Jake is finally back in their Vermont hometown for an MTV special, and the moment thirty-year-old Kate has been waiting for arrives. But, after years of enduring far from private heartbreak, everyone in Kate’s life has a stake in how this plays out. She risks betraying the friends Jake abandoned, the bandmates whose songs he plundered, and her family, who fear this will dredge up a past more painful than any of them want to acknowledge. 

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