Day 365 – I Did It!!

365 Days DoneDay 365, September 22.

Why did I start my blog challenge last year on September 23? An absolutely ordinary day. No significance whatsoever. It was just a day

Maybe it was because I really didn’t think I would make it to Day 365, so didn’t anticipate it ending on another nondescript day. Just a Tuesday.

But here I am. 365 days of never missing a day. 2,920 posts!

When my friends asked me what I was going to write for my final blog, one of my friends said, just say good-bye.

But I figured I needed to say a bit more than that. I needed to use this space to reflect on my year as a blogger.

I have spent the year researching content, coming up with topics, finding funny videos, educational blogs, books and movies and more. And I have had so much fun doing it while learning so much.

I have written my blog from many different locations. Thank goodness for my iPhone! I have come up with ideas in Starbucks lineups and on ferry rides. I’ve written in hotels, in my car, at the beach and waiting for kids in front of the school.

Some days I felt good about what I was writing, while other days it was a struggle and it showed. But the important things was that I wrote. My grammar wasn’t perfect, and I’m sure there were many spelling mistakes.

I still can’t tell you exactly why I took on this challenge, because it was a pretty big undertaking. Who knew that doing this would take me a couple hours at least every day. But the satisfaction of knowing I did it I will never forget.

I’m proud of this blog because I did it for me. It had no ulterior motive. It was purely for my satisfaction. I didn’t have to run any of my ideas past other people. I made all the decisions. That in itself was such a pleasure.

Writing every day has made me a faster writer and more comfortable with writing.

Doing something for 365 days has made me believe that I really can do whatever I set my mind to. I’m a little bit stubborn (very) and a little competitive with myself (a lot).

So this is the end of my daily writing. My blog is not going to end, and I am going to have fun doing different things with the content I have developed.

I hope you have enjoyed my challenge too. Perhaps it will inspire you to take on something you didn’t think you could do.

Because if I can do it, so can you.

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One Response to Day 365 – I Did It!!

  • I have a lump in my throat and a big smile on my face. You are an inspiration my friend. Doing something new with that kind of commitment and consistency is truly something to be celebrated! So excited for where this will go next 🙂