Day 364 – Obsessions, Risks and Celebrations

Obsessions Risks and CelebrationsAs I wind down my 365 day challenge, I am amazed by the mix of emotion I am going through with it all.

And how many topics keep flying through my head, as though trying to get in their last word.

The last day or so alone I have thought about Obsessions. Now this mainly comes from the fact that my family is completely obsessed with watching World Cup Rugby right now. I will clarify, my family minus me, although I will watch a couple games and will be seeing some games live when we go to England in two weeks. But watching my family and friends in the rugby world living from game to game, it made me think of what my obsessions are.

I have a few!

Like the start of all the new shows this week on TV. Or the release of new music from artists I love. Or going to live concerts. Starting a new book. Anything to do with dance. All things I love to be obsessed with as they are a wonderful distraction from work and serious life.

And this blog has been an obsession for 365 days.

What things in your life do you consider an obsession? Can’t live without? And you don’t have to waste your obsession card on saying your family, cause that is just a given.

So then I started thinking about Risks. I listened to a talk on Taking Bold, Yet Calculated, Risks (see Made Me Think section). Taking on this blog was a risk. Not a financial risk as it didn’t cost me very much to produce. But more an emotional risk. I had to put myself out there every single day. So knowing that people could agree or disagree with what I wrote, or not like what I was doing, crossed my mind a lot. I didn’t market my blog like I probably could have because I was a bit afraid of that part of the risk. But I did it and I’m proud of the risk I took. It gave me more confidence moving forward.

Which now that my 365 day challenge is ending, and I survived the risk, and I have built this obsession that I’m going to have to wean myself off of, how am I going to Celebrate was my final word thought of the day.

I have had a few friends ask me my plans for celebrating my success. I truthfully haven’t thought of one, although I really should do something special. I have one more day to come up with something. But whether I do something significant or not to celebrate, I know when I wake up on Tuesday morning and post my final blog, I will be celebrating my victory!

I will do a little happy dance in my office. And be so happy that I have completed this magnificent journey.

How do you celebrate when you have done something you are proud of? Share your ideas!

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