Day 362 – Pride Is In The Name Of Love

PrideAre you a proud person? Do you have incredible pride about someone or something in your life?

Does that pride just make you burst?

What does it feel like for you?

Yesterday my boys were featured on a news story on our local station and I am exploding with pride. The story wasn’t about me. It was about the wonderful relationship that my sons have with their father.

I immediately felt this deep feeling of goodness.

This calmness that, for the moment, all is good in the world.

No jealousy that my husband gets the accolades and the bond with the boys. Because they are my extension. They are my world and what goes well for them goes well for me.

And when things don’t, then that extension is just as emotional.

I don’t believe there are many times when feelings like this come from such a pure place.

So a simple blog today to reflect on pride. Finding it. Holding on to it. Appreciating it. And loving it.

It is a treasure.

Watch the story from CHEK News

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