Day 361 – Why We Should All Work With Teenagers

Working with TeenagersFor the last two weeks I have been addicted to watching the television series Friday Night Lights in every bit of spare time I can find.

Way too addicted, but how can you not like a drama centered around football!!

Watching it makes me think of working with my rugby team. I have been part of the management team with these boys since they were just little. So watching the coaches and the players on Friday Night Lights reminds me of my boys.

Cause they are my team. My boys.

I adore every single one of them. I feel so blessed that I have had an opportunity to be part of their lives. And in two weeks, we are taking this group to the UK for an 11 day tour. (Hopefully I love them as much afterwards).

I think my work with the rugby team has really helped me focus on what it is I want to do in my last decade of working – helping youth and young adults navigate this world.

I think everyone should take some time to work with teenagers. Far too many adults are quick to judge them, yet don’t spend the time knowing them. Because there is a lot going on in those minds. Far more than they are given credit for. A whole group of them are going to be going on our UK Tour bald as they are all shaving their heads for kids with cancer. Doing such a wonderful thing for others. Great hearts.

I love to joke around with them. I enjoy reaching out to each of them so they know I’m there if they need someone to listen to.

I really think I should have been a school councilor. So hopefully my 365 Day Media Group will help me fill that interest area.

I have learned a lot working with these boys over the years, and hopefully they learned from me too.

I know I will continue to be part of their lives in some way forever. Even if only as a memory.

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