Day 360 – Ask A Busy Person

Busy PeopleI consider myself a pretty busy person with lots on my plate.

People like to blame me for being busy. That it is my fault for not saying no to things.

But what do you do when no one else says yes? I could just walk away, but it is not in my DNA to say no. I don’t want to see things fail when it just needs someone to take it on.

And I especially hate it when people say “but you are so good at it Tami”. Like their lack of ability to help is based on the fact that I know how to do it. That is just not fair.

Because I actually never used to know how to do anything either. I have taught myself over the years how to do things myself. So if I can learn then why can’t others.

But as they say, if you want something done, ask a busy person.

So I land up getting grumpy hearing people’s excuses. And resentful.

Eventually though I just have to take a breath and let it be. Because along with ask a busy person, I also believe that good will come to those who put in the time.

I also try to remember that they may have other things they are working on that I don’t know about. Perhaps they volunteer for other things. Or they have a family issue they are dealing with. You just never know unless they tell you.

I also hope that my kids are influenced by what they see. They know what it is to volunteer. And as my son reminded me tonight, I will never regret being involved with his sports and school.

Yes it has made me way too busy being involved with their lives, but I will never regret a moment (I’ll just be grumpy every once in awhile!).

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