Day 359 – Does Money Buy Happiness?

Does Money Buy HappinessDo you think money buys happiness? If you had a million dollars, what would you do?

If your lottery ticket was a winner, what would you do with it.

When I first think of that question I of course think of all the proper things to say. The real things. So paying off the mortgage. Putting my kids through school. Save so the kids will have a down payment some day.

But the other day I was asked the question with no strings attached. It had to be nothing from the should do with the money and all about what you would love to do with the money. It had to be something not on the real list but on the out of this world list.

I really struggled to come up with something.

Sure I would love to travel the world. And yes I would love to burn my whole wardrobe and only buy trendy well-made pieces.

But that was as far as I got. I love my little house. So I don’t foresee ever moving from here.

Reality too is that when we were kids, a million dollars was soooooo huge. Now it is of course something but it doesn’t buy as much.

But whether a million or a billion, nothing buys happiness.

Happiness you have to work on all by yourself. You can buy things to fake out the world that you are happy. But you will know it isn’t true. I have known many people with money and they still have bad things happen. They still have issues. They are just as likely to be unhappy as the rest of us.

Happiness is the vital ingredient in our lives. Make it worth it.

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