Day 358 – What Will I Do In A Week From Now?

What Will I Do In a WeekI have a week to go until I’m done my blog.


I am so excited. But also wondering how it is going to be to break the habit of writing every day.

Will I be lost? Will I be bored? Will I have trouble stopping?

I’m pretty sure I will not. Part of it is because I know I have done all I wanted and am ready to stop.

But another is that I have always been good at moving from one thing to the next.

When we go on holidays, I easily get into holiday mode. I don’t suffer with trying to still do work or feel guilty. I mean, if we are on “staycations” or up at our cabin, then I have more trouble turning it off because it never feels quite like a full on holiday. But put me on a plane to anywhere and the switch is off!

I rarely have trouble sleeping. I can say that I have definitely never woken up in the night worrying about work. I’m always amazed by my friends who tell me they wake up and start doing work in the middle of the night. Takes a lot to even wake me up (besides kids coming in and pets needing out).

So with seven days to go, I have to accomplish a few more things with my blog. And then I am going to sit back and reflect on 365 days of writing. 365 days of researching. 365 days of designing images. And 365 days of learning so much about society, life, and myself.

Pretty darn cool use of 365 days I must say!

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