Day 357 – Getting Sick Sucks

Getting SickI can’t believe that after 357 days of writing my blog, and staying completely healthy throughout and thus never missing a day of writing, that I might be actually getting a cold.

My throat has some razor blades in it.

And I’m not sure what to do. Besides me a big wimp.

I’m glad that, if I have to get sick, that I’m getting sick now rather than in a few weeks when I’m in the UK with the rugby team I manage.

I’m in shock that I’m getting a common cold. I don’t do common illness very often. I prefer to get really strange and odd bugs (like meningitis and nasty things like that).

But it is true. I don’t remember the last time I had a sore throat. And it is really affecting my writing tonight.

I’m starting to fade as I write this so I’m going to cut this short. Because I am starting to speak another language and I’m typing sentences that make no sense. I should have actually published my first attempts at writing this as the words were beyond entertaining.

So time to cuddle down and sleep away a bug. Before the bug takes over.

Tomorrow will be a fresh day!

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