Day 356 – Determination

DeterminationAfter 356 days of not missing a day with my blog, I almost did today!

I got home late from a party, was super tired and was trying to write my blog, but I kept falling asleep. I was so close to saying forget it, but I couldn’t. How could I even possibly think about giving up with only 9 days to go.

That would be heartbreaking.

Isn’t it amazing what we get stubborn about and what we don’t.

This has definitely been the longest I have ever stuck to anything.

What have you persevered through?

Or more like, what have you been determined to finish?

According to the dictionary, determination means firmness of purpose; resoluteness.

Which is perhaps why at New Years we have our new years resolutions. Those promises to do something that usually fall apart early after announcing what they will be. Those “‘I’m going to exercise every day” type resolutions.

So I have done well by this resolution. This determination to finish what I’ve started.

This incredible stubborness to finish.

My children are also very determined kids, but when they were young, especially one of them, this was not seen by many as a good trait. I would get looks from other parents when my kids would do something more free spirited and the look was always one of shock that I let them get away with what they did.

It wasn’t anything serious. Just very determined boys.

So as I reflect on determination while also congratulating myself for one more day of writing my blog, I will remind myself and my readers – determination is a positive amazing trait when taken the right way and understood for what it is.

And with that, my eyes and body and brain are completely determined to go to sleep.

Good night.

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