Day 343 – The End of Summer

The End of SummerI can’t believe that another summer is almost coming to an end.

It seems like we wait all year for those months of summer, and then they are gone. And this year we were actually given an extra week thanks to the dates of Labour Day. So almost a full extra week.

But I also find by this point that I’m almost ready for summer to end. Because even though I know I was working all summer, I swear things slow down to a much less productive work rate. People are away so questions can’t get answered, decisions don’t get made, and the lure of the sunshine pulls me out of my office one too many times.

I know within weeks of wishing summer away I will be regretting that decision.

But for now, I’m excited about fall temperatures, warm sweaters, time in my office to get things accomplished and more.

Last year when I saw Carmen Spagnolia and had my intuitive reading, she said my January 1 was actually September 1. It is the time for me to set goals, make realistic deadlines and start up those projects I’ve been delaying.

Therefore, since it is August 31, I will have to enjoy today like it is New Year’s Eve!

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