Day 342 – Is the Road To Success Worth It?

Is the Road to Success Worth ItI watched a documentary on the making of a ballet (Ballet 422).

It was really interesting to watch the choreographer work through his ideas from beginning to the premiere of the ballet.

But at the very beginning of the documentary, they mention that the 25 year old choreographer is one of 50 dancers in the lowest rank of the New York Ballet Company, known as the Corps de Ballet.

I’m sorry, but saying he is the lowest rank makes it sound like his is a terrible dancer. But he is one of 50 of the thousands and thousands that vie for positions in the ballet each year.

Which got me thinking of the long and hard road that elite dancers and elite athletes take to get to the top of their profession. And how there is very little room at the top for very many of them.

I watch Olympic athletes compete and I wonder what pushes them to continue. Those athletes that will never take home a medal. May not even ever make a final game or race. What keeps them going for many years.

I know I could never do that. I don’t have the patience or the drive to be that person. To sacrifice for years and years and to never reach where you want to go.

In Canada, elite athletes in most sports make very little money. So it is only their love of the sport that keeps them going. Maybe I have never felt that passionate about anything to push myself that hard.

But I am envious and awed by those not only at the top of their art, but also for those that work so hard and while may never get to the very top, they still are part of at least the lower ranks!

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