Day 312 – When Friends Become Family

One of the things I love most about my life is the great group of friends I have around me. I have mentioned this a few times with my blog but it is so true. I have a lovely big network of friends.

One of the main reasons we all know each other is through our kids. We have become close watching our kids grow up together.

And my kids have grown up feeling like they have more than one mom. They have many.

When my youngest was in grade one, a group of us started our book club. We have been through lots together over the years as we hit those milestones in life. And thankfully our kids have, for the most part, remained friends too.

Our rugby teams have forged huge bonds between our parent groups. Often at least one parent goes to the tournament and acts as mom (and of course the dads too) on call for all the boys. My youngest is away, across the country this weekend, and yet I will know pretty much everything that is happening there thanks to texting and a great group of friends.

My mom has a wonderful group of friends, but many were through her work, so the connection is different. Because I work from home, I have had to rely on a different method of making and staying friends with people. And thankfully the kids have provided that.

It is so much fun sharing the ups and downs of parenting with friends going through the same things. Sometimes it’s difficult because, let’s face it, we can get jealous if one is doing better than the other. Or finding out too much information can be a problem too. My sons always ask me “have you been with the mom mafia again” when I bring up gossip that I have heard. But hey, how else am I going to find out things if I don’t hear from my moms!!

It will be interesting watching these friendships over the next few years as our connections become less often. Or maybe they will increase. But when school and rugby isn’t holding us together, will the friendships still be there?

I would like to think that they will be because a long time ago these stopped being friends because our kids hang out to friends whose kids also happen to hang out.

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