Day 281 – Have You Ever Broken the Law?

Have You Ever Broken the LawHave you ever broken the law? Think hard about that question for a second. Clean record?

So now I ask the question, have you ever broken the law, just haven’t been caught? Are you sure? No guilty conscious?

I was driving the highway today and an idiot (yes, I will call him that even though I don’t know him and maybe he’s not always an idiot) decided to pass a semi-trailer who was towing an extra trailer on a downhill with a double line and on a corner. And yep, he came straight at me (and yes, I might have then put my finger out the car window at him). He passed that semi because he wasn’t patient enough to sit behind the truck that was going the speed limit.

Seriously, what was he thinking? He looked to be in his 20s and was either probably late for work or wanting to get to the lake. Either way, it freaked me out and got me thinking about breaking the law.

In that instance, he broke the law. There were no police around to catch him but if they had it would have been worthy of a ticket or two. So he broke the law.

I was way up on my might high horse, when I started thinking about breaking the law. And as I was thinking it, I looked down to see my speedometer going over the speed limit. There I was breaking the law.

And what is usually the first thing out of people’s mouths when you comment on their speeding? “I was only going 10 km over.” Kind of like just being a little bit pregnant. The law is pretty black and white, but it is amazing how often we all justify our actions in the self-proclaimed grey area.

“I only check my text messages at a red light.”
“I was only going a few kilometers over the speed limit.”
“No one goes the speed limit on this stretch so I don’t have to either.”

The excuses just fall out of our mouths so easily. Amazingly so.

So think about it for a minute, and before judging others on breaking the law, think about your path. Can you truly say that you are pure as virgin snow.

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