Day 222 – Seriously, McDreamy?

McDreamyFirst off, if you haven’t watched the last two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, then stop reading now. This is a spoiler alert.

If you have watched it, then how upsetting were those episodes? How could they do this to us? Did you know that there have actually been petitions sent around to bring back McDreamy? That may be taking it a bit far.

I know it is just a TV show and that the storyline isn’t true. It is all fiction. But we have watched them for 11 years so losing the love story was harsh. We have been through their coming together, splitting up, surviving plane crashes, infertility, adoption, shootings, bombs and a sticky note wedding. So have him taken in a car accident was just unfair.

Because like a good novel, a good character on television can transport you to believe in the characters. And darn McDreamy and his soft spoken caring ways. He suckered us in every episode.

So to take him from us was cruel. First we lost McSteamy. And now McDreamy. I wish more would just move away like Christina and not get killed off. Because then we could have been hoping for a reunion down the road.

Do you think maybe I’m taking this a bit too seriously? I think I need to get a few good night sleeps and then perhaps it won’t bother me as much.

Poor McDreamy!

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