Day 221 – There’s Something About May

MaySounds like the movie Something about Mary. But it’s not, it’s something about May.

I love the month of May. I love spring. The air. The temperature. I love that you can see the summer straight ahead. The promise of holidays and a switch in pace is so close.

My youngest was born in May too, so that is of course special.

And we have the Victoria Day long weekend, and I do love stat holidays that don’t have a huge expectation with them. This one is just purely a long weekend to hang out.

I love hearing the sounds of lawn mowers (even though it means hay fever!) and the birds chirping in the early mornings.

Every season comes and I swear it is my favourite. And each month has a different highlight. But I really do think that May really has it all to make it perfect.

And this month there will even be a Royal baby born. If you like that kind of thing (I do!).

So here’s to May. May it bring renewal, love and happiness.

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