Day 219 – Is It Bad To Bring Home New Pet Without Telling Your Spouse?

A PetThat is my dilemma these days. My son wants a cat. I wouldn’t mind having one either (although I am allergic). But I think he would really enjoy having a cat as he’s always liked them more than dog.

The problem is my husband doesn’t like cats. Doesn’t want a cat. And actually doesn’t know that we’ve been talking about getting a cat.

I have a feeling it isn’t going to end well.

My dad did the same thing to my mom when we were kids. Or at least that is the story she always told us. That dad came home with a puppy. And she had three children under 6 at the time including a newborn. Not a good decision by my dad.

We actually got our current dog of 12 years by mistake. I didn’t want a dog but my husband did and the next thing I knew we had a puppy in the car. So is it payback time?

Problem is, of course, that getting a pet for a teenager means most likely they are going to move away from home at some stage and the pet will remain with us. I did that to my parents. Begged and pleaded for a dog and then literally moved out the month we got her. But she was a great companion for my parents for many years after that. At least that is what I tell myself.

So what do you think? Wrong decision to make? Would you ever buy a pet without telling your partner? Am I crazy to even consider getting another pet at this stage in our lives?

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