Day 218 – It’s All About the Human Touch

Human TouchI am so lucky. And why, might you ask, do I think I am so lucky.

I mean every day I think about how lucky I am, for a number of different ways. I try to write in my journal each day and I always end it with my gratitude of the day.

So today I’m feeling lucky because I have a 16 year old boy who since he was born has always loved human touch. My first born was the opposite. As soon as he figured out how to do things independently he stopped needing the cuddles.

Then along came my second son 3 years later and he couldn’t be put down. He loved to be held, especially by me, and I was so okay with that. A friend asked me one time was I ever going to put him down, and I responded that there would only be so long that I could hold him so if it made him happy, then I was going to hold on to him.

And to this day, he is the first to come in for a hug. And I love that. I love his confidence in being able to hug. So many teenagers, and especially teenage boys, lose that ease at hugging. At least connecting with older people like parents and grandparents.

I love human touch (does my dog’s paw on my leg count as human touch or pet touch?). I melt when someone massages my neck. Or rubs my feet. Best gift ever is a massage gift certificate. There are many who don’t like massages or any touch, but not me. Bring it on!

We all need human touch. And I will take the hugs from my boy as long as I can get them.

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