Day 159 – Serenity

SerenityDo you have a place that as soon as you walk in to it, you feel a serenity come over you?

I have such a place. And I’m very blessed to have it.

Five years ago we bought a cabin with two other families. It is less than an hour away from our home. It is on a lake. And it is breathtaking.

It is usually chaotic with teenagers and adults and dogs running everywhere. It is rarely peaceful.

But yet is so peaceful. It is serenity.

We call the place Bonnie Doon after a mutual love of the movie The Castle (I will have to make that my movie Friday next week). And in the movie, the main character uses Serenity a lot.

So we love our serenity at Bonnie Doon.

I have had a really hectic couple of weeks. And I can feel my stress level growing. So we decided to go up to Bonnie Doon for a night, just to feel the serenity and get back into the right head space.

Again, I am so lucky to have a place to call my serenity. But it doesn’t have to be a cabin. It can be a park, a beach, a room in your house.

Where is your serenity? Think about it and find time to visit it this weekend. Enjoy.

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