Day 131 – How Do We Make Friends

FriendsHow we form friendships is amazing. Fascinating actually.

And so important.

I am always amazed by my great circle of friends. They are there for me in such a variety of ways. Through thick and thin.

There are those you can talk to about anything and everything even when you don’t see them that often.  I saw a dear friend this week who I have known since we were 13. We don’t see each other often, but it feels exactly the same way when I see her

You have your friends that you know will be there to do anything for you at any time. When I was recovering from a long term illness, one of my friends came over and didn’t come to hold my hand or make me tea (she did all those things too) but she came and cleaned my toilets. I knew she was a friend for life when she did that.

They come from different sections of my life. They are of all ages. Both male and female. And all are part of my life for various reasons.

This past week has been really busy for me work wise. But amazingly enough within it all I have been able to see so many friends. I am so lucky that people I have worked with over the years have actually become friends so we get cross over from work meetings to coffee time!

But what does fascinate me is how we form friendships. What makes us connect with people. What makes friendships grow and last longer than others. Why do some friendships require more work than others but are yet just as valuable.

As the saying goes, you can’t choose your family but you can chose your friends. I am always so honoured when someone chooses me.

What do you find are the most important attributes of a friendship?

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