Day 130 – A Huge Lesson for Me

What Have I LearnedAnd so comes to an end the 15 day blog challenge. It has been really fun diving into different topics. So for today we were to pick our favourite blog.

For my favourite post, I am going to pick my One Thing post. Because I keep going back to it to remind myself what I really really want to be doing.

But I am struggling with my one thing because I’m keeping too busy with everything else, and not giving myself time or permission to work on my one thing. Note my blog picture today. That has been my office this week. What does that tell you?

Perfectly timed this morning was a great segment by Marie Forleo this week (love her!). She was spot on with how I have been feeling the last few weeks and was the kick I needed. And I loved this sentence – You see, I knew exactly what needed to get done. The end-game was crystal clear. My deadlines were non-negotiable. But here’s the kicker. The outside world didn’t know my schedule. How true is that? Go watch her video, its awesome!

A big take-away from Marie’s podcast was about urgent vs important. A simple mind switch in prioritizing your to do list, but brilliant. Urgent is the drama, addictive, demanding tasks, the ones that are other people’s goals. Important is the quiet tasks that are our goals, and unfortunately the easy to blow off tasks.

So today I am taking my task list, I’m going to write my One Thing on the top of my task list, and then like Marie suggests, I’m going to put an I or a U beside each one. And then I’m going to do my I ones first. Because if I don’t start putting my I ones first, I am never going to accomplish my One Thing.

Thank you to Natalie Sisson for putting the 15 Day Blog Challenge out there. It has been a great learning experience. If you want to learn more about Natalie, check out her website.

And now go make your to do list and give them a U or an I. Can you do your I ones first?

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