Day 100 – 10 Things I’m Proud of in 2014

Top 10 ThingsI really recommend making a list of things you are proud of. It puts your mind in a space of gratitude. Some years I struggle to come up with 10. We all have those kinds of years.

But this year was great. I stayed healthy (knock on wood). I accomplished some things I didn’t think I could. And my family was healthy and happy, which is my most favourite and most important item.

So to commemorate the year 2014, here is my list of top 10 favourite things I’m proud and happy about.

1. I stayed true to my promise to take a break from my event planning company and to work with a business coach to guide my changes
2. I started this blog and 100 days in, I have faithfully written something every day. Tons of work but something I love.
3. I watched my son move out (I only had a few tears) but felt proud that he felt independent and ready to move out.
4. I managed my youngest son’s rugby team and got to spend extra time with him through my involvement with the team.
5. I started a journal on January 1 and wrote in it every day and took a selfie with my dog every day (except a couple days). I will love having this to look back on.
6. I volunteered on a committee that started 100 Women Who Care Victoria and in just two meetings we have raised $39,500 for local charities.
7. I worked to manage my diet and exercise and lost almost 20 lbs. Which means I didn’t have to buy a new wardrobe (is this a good thing or a bad thing??) as I could fit my old clothes again.
8. I saw some excellent concerts, filling my passion for live music. And I got to see them with a variety of friends and family members, so that made it even more special.
9. We had an amazing family holiday together and it was special in so many ways. A trip I will never forget.
10. I came up with my new business concept, 365 Day Media Group and am starting it up in 2015. Very excited that almost a full year has led to me finding a new passion.

Such a great year.

So now the rest of my website today covers a number of top 10 (or more) list for each of my blog areas. Always fun to read through the various lists people compile at this time of year.

So what are the top 10 things you are proud about this year? Take a moment before those darn new years resolutions and reflect on 2014.

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