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I have always wanted to write. I like to journal. I like to talk to people about pretty much anything (except I was raised not to discuss politics or religion in groups, so those topics will be off the table). I have challenged myself to write every day for a year. Click here for my list to date.

Day 353 – Am I Ready To Evolve?

Am I Ready To EvolveThis blog is going to be a short one because I have something exciting started.

I started my work today with business coach Carolyn Herferth, and part of the program is working with a group of women entrepreneurs. I am so excited. It is called the Evolve Accelerator Program.

And I feel so ready to evolve!

We all come from different walks of life. All are from the United States except me. And we all have completely different companies and stages of wanting to grow our companies.

The best part is we get to pair up and act as sounding boards and accountability partners as we go through the process.

And boy, accountability is what I need right now. It is really hard to stay focused on everything I need to get done in a day, but I know this course is going to help me.

I feel like I know which direction I am going in now. Which is very enlightening. Because one of the scariest parts about taking on this new company concept is that I don’t know how to do all the different parts. So this will allow me to have ask questions, and have people that will actually answer them from a place of knowledge, experience and honesty.

It is going to push me in the right direction, but it is going to push me.

And I couldn’t be happier. But I think my blog finishing in 12 days is very good timing. Because I’m going to need all my brain power to do all this!


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Day 352 – When Do You Stop Paying For Things For Your Kids?

Paying for Things for your KidsIt is really easy when your kids are young.

You pay for everything. Simple.

But as they get older, the expectation becomes more and more that they pay for themselves.

So at what point do you stop paying for things for your kids?

Or more like, when do you stop feeling guilty when you don’t pay for something?

I know I always feel bad when my kids have to pay for something (I unreasonably feel bad) because I know how hard they work to make their money. Because its not like I work hard for my money.

But when they were little and I would see their accounts get cleaned out by one small purchase, I would feel terrible. For some reason though, I have continued to feel bad even as they both have had jobs that allowed them to save some money.

What is it that makes me feel like I need to support my children?

It is interesting watching how each family handles money and supporting their children differently. I don’t think I have one set of friends who does it the same way. Some pay for anything and everything for a very long time. Others start making their kids buy things right from a very young age.

For instance, the cell phone. I pay for my kid’s phones. I have justified it by my need to get hold of them, so therefore I don’t feel it is worthwhile for me to pay. Other friends never pay for their child’s cell phone.

Are either of us right? Wrong?

I believe we all have to make decisions that work best for our family. But I do also believe that our children have to learn to live independently. Maybe it is just baby steps at first. An outfit here. A movie there. A cell phone bill. A university tuition.

It is all part of life’s progression.

And if you feel the need to educate yourself more, this article in Time is interesting.

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Day 351 – And We’re Off

And We're OffEach year since my boys were first going to school I have taken a picture of them in our back yard.

At first it was with our apple tree, until we had to chop down the tree.

We still take the picture of the boys there every year.

That is until this year.

Because we are down to one son living at home so this year’s picture will be just one.

How strange. Or as I like to say (and my son hates my overuse of the word), but how weird.

It seems like yesterday when we were picking out lunch kits and backpacks with cartoon characters on them. New shiny runners. Clothes that I got to pick out for them. And new haircuts that I chose.

Now they shop for themselves. They don’t listen to my choices. And they definitely don’t have cartoon characters on their lunch kits anymore.

They start the year out with their friends (literally all night for the grade 12 grad camp out). For my son entering third year at university, I don’t even know what time his classes are or if he needs anything for school.

Sometimes I miss those days when the first day meant bringing home their first art project or their essay on what they did this summer. And I do miss walking with them to school and waiting for the end of the day to find out who their teacher was and, even more importantly, what friends were in their classes.

But mostly I am thrilled to see them spread their wings a little bit more each and every year.

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Day 350 – That Last Day of Summer

End of SummerAnd so comes the last day of summer holidays.

One of the saddest days of the year.

Kidding! It is not that bad. But I do always feel a wee bit sad.

We never seem to get all the things done that we wanted. I always hope that we have built some great family memories over the summer, but it never feels like I’ve go them all sealed up. There is always room for more.

And as the kids get older, those times to make memories become more and more limited. We don’t get to spend as much time together, so when we do you hope it is enough to make memories that last.

But the stage we are at right now with our kids, they don’t see the cabin in the same light as we do. They have their own lives and schedules and work. They aren’t little boys who swim in the lake for hours anymore. Sitting around the campfire isn’t quite as important.

They have responsibilities and friends of their own. Their time is limited with work and such, so when they have time off, we are not always their first priority.

And while I miss the fact that summer is different for us now, I know we will continue to adjust to the new way of making a summer. It will continue to be different every year. I will pine for the old ways I am sure. But the new future is exciting too.

If we are blessed, we will have girlfriends and break-ups, weddings and grandchildren. Summer will some day mean grandchildren (a long time from now, but still a reality hopefully) doing the things the boys used to do.

I am so happy that we have a summer cabin that we can make life long memories at.

And while summer goes way too quickly, and I’m sad to pack up and move out, I know that throughout the winter, I will have those awesome days on the dock to look forward to next summer.

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Day 349 – Treat September Like January

September ResolutionsLast year when I visited Carmen Spagnolia, she told me that September is like my January. That I need to treat September 1 like January 1.

So I now see September as my time to start projects.

And to make “resolutions” and goals for my new year.

And the nice thing is, no one is really watching me to make sure I hit my resolutions. It is my little secret (until I wrote on my blog of course).

I don’t think I’m the only one who feels like September is the time for change. Probably has something to do with having school age kids.

But I do find it so much easier to actually get geared up for change when the weather is still half decent, the fall colours are coming in, the summer clothes are being packed away and the warm winter clothes making an appearance.

I really do love Fall. The temperatures. The leaves changing colours. The clothes. My birthday.

So my resolutions this Fall are:
1) The classic “exercise more” but I am going to try and use my 365dayMom Get Moving workouts for the next year, so we shall see!
2) I start my Evolve Accelerator course on September 9 and I am so excited. This course is going to help me go from start-up idea to a full-fledged business in the next months. So my promise to myself is to give this course all the time it needs and deserves.
3) I’m going to start reaching out more with my R+F business. I believe in the product, so learning to put myself out there to sell something is going to be a challenge. But as I heard from Carolyn Herferth from Evolve, that it isn’t my job to convince someone to buy my product. It is my job to present my story and if that seems like a fit, then the prospect will jump on board. If its not, then that is fine. I always feel that what is meant to be will be.
4) I’m going to do a great job of my volunteer jobs this Fall, and then I’m going to walk away from volunteering for a year when they naturally come to an end. Because it is time for me to focus without distraction for a year. If I give the time deserved to my business, then I will hopefully be able to give back financially and with time to volunteer projects that mean something to me.

So there you go. My September resolutions.

Care to join me on this? September 23 I will start my new challenge by attempting to do the exercises every day. Come join me!

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Day 348 – Are You Able To Love Your Job?

Do You Love Your JobFor me, I would say that 90% of the time I absolutely love my job.

The other 10% is probably when I have too much to do, and usually because my volunteer work (and a certain blog) get in my way, so then I start not liking my job.

Not sure why my job gets blamed for this. It is not my job’s fault that I choose to volunteer for way too many things. That I have a problem sitting on my hands when someone asks for help.

And I have noted that there is a direct correlation between my increase in volunteer responsibilities and my enjoyment I get out of my actual work.

Because I actually am so excited to be launching 365 Day Media Group while also finding my way through a Rodan + Fields career too. They are both making me so happy to work on.

But I am not getting enough time to work on them because of that issue I have with the hand.

I keep saying it will get easier once the rugby tour is over, it will be easier once the 100+ Women website is done, and it will of course be easier when the rugby season is over.

Am I just fooling myself though? Will I continue to fill up the blank spaces?

As I ponder my next 365 days, what my challenge should be, I’m thinking that I need to have a 365 day challenge to not volunteer. Is that a terrible thing to say?

I mean, let’s qualify that.

I can still go out and volunteer at things. But I’m not allowed to join anymore committees. So as my volunteer work comes to an end, can I really tell myself not to pick anything else up yet?

Am I okay to put myself and my career first for a little bit?

Being the person I am, I like rules. If I say I have to do this because it is a rule, I think I can do it.

At some point, you really do have to say “time for someone else to pick up the slack”.

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