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I have always wanted to write. I like to journal. I like to talk to people about pretty much anything (except I was raised not to discuss politics or religion in groups, so those topics will be off the table). I have challenged myself to write every day for a year. Click here for my list to date.

Day 359 – Does Money Buy Happiness?

Does Money Buy HappinessDo you think money buys happiness? If you had a million dollars, what would you do?

If your lottery ticket was a winner, what would you do with it.

When I first think of that question I of course think of all the proper things to say. The real things. So paying off the mortgage. Putting my kids through school. Save so the kids will have a down payment some day.

But the other day I was asked the question with no strings attached. It had to be nothing from the should do with the money and all about what you would love to do with the money. It had to be something not on the real list but on the out of this world list.

I really struggled to come up with something.

Sure I would love to travel the world. And yes I would love to burn my whole wardrobe and only buy trendy well-made pieces.

But that was as far as I got. I love my little house. So I don’t foresee ever moving from here.

Reality too is that when we were kids, a million dollars was soooooo huge. Now it is of course something but it doesn’t buy as much.

But whether a million or a billion, nothing buys happiness.

Happiness you have to work on all by yourself. You can buy things to fake out the world that you are happy. But you will know it isn’t true. I have known many people with money and they still have bad things happen. They still have issues. They are just as likely to be unhappy as the rest of us.

Happiness is the vital ingredient in our lives. Make it worth it.

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Day 358 – What Will I Do In A Week From Now?

What Will I Do In a WeekI have a week to go until I’m done my blog.


I am so excited. But also wondering how it is going to be to break the habit of writing every day.

Will I be lost? Will I be bored? Will I have trouble stopping?

I’m pretty sure I will not. Part of it is because I know I have done all I wanted and am ready to stop.

But another is that I have always been good at moving from one thing to the next.

When we go on holidays, I easily get into holiday mode. I don’t suffer with trying to still do work or feel guilty. I mean, if we are on “staycations” or up at our cabin, then I have more trouble turning it off because it never feels quite like a full on holiday. But put me on a plane to anywhere and the switch is off!

I rarely have trouble sleeping. I can say that I have definitely never woken up in the night worrying about work. I’m always amazed by my friends who tell me they wake up and start doing work in the middle of the night. Takes a lot to even wake me up (besides kids coming in and pets needing out).

So with seven days to go, I have to accomplish a few more things with my blog. And then I am going to sit back and reflect on 365 days of writing. 365 days of researching. 365 days of designing images. And 365 days of learning so much about society, life, and myself.

Pretty darn cool use of 365 days I must say!

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Day 357 – Getting Sick Sucks

Getting SickI can’t believe that after 357 days of writing my blog, and staying completely healthy throughout and thus never missing a day of writing, that I might be actually getting a cold.

My throat has some razor blades in it.

And I’m not sure what to do. Besides me a big wimp.

I’m glad that, if I have to get sick, that I’m getting sick now rather than in a few weeks when I’m in the UK with the rugby team I manage.

I’m in shock that I’m getting a common cold. I don’t do common illness very often. I prefer to get really strange and odd bugs (like meningitis and nasty things like that).

But it is true. I don’t remember the last time I had a sore throat. And it is really affecting my writing tonight.

I’m starting to fade as I write this so I’m going to cut this short. Because I am starting to speak another language and I’m typing sentences that make no sense. I should have actually published my first attempts at writing this as the words were beyond entertaining.

So time to cuddle down and sleep away a bug. Before the bug takes over.

Tomorrow will be a fresh day!

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Day 356 – Determination

DeterminationAfter 356 days of not missing a day with my blog, I almost did today!

I got home late from a party, was super tired and was trying to write my blog, but I kept falling asleep. I was so close to saying forget it, but I couldn’t. How could I even possibly think about giving up with only 9 days to go.

That would be heartbreaking.

Isn’t it amazing what we get stubborn about and what we don’t.

This has definitely been the longest I have ever stuck to anything.

What have you persevered through?

Or more like, what have you been determined to finish?

According to the dictionary, determination means firmness of purpose; resoluteness.

Which is perhaps why at New Years we have our new years resolutions. Those promises to do something that usually fall apart early after announcing what they will be. Those “‘I’m going to exercise every day” type resolutions.

So I have done well by this resolution. This determination to finish what I’ve started.

This incredible stubborness to finish.

My children are also very determined kids, but when they were young, especially one of them, this was not seen by many as a good trait. I would get looks from other parents when my kids would do something more free spirited and the look was always one of shock that I let them get away with what they did.

It wasn’t anything serious. Just very determined boys.

So as I reflect on determination while also congratulating myself for one more day of writing my blog, I will remind myself and my readers – determination is a positive amazing trait when taken the right way and understood for what it is.

And with that, my eyes and body and brain are completely determined to go to sleep.

Good night.

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Day 355 – Can You Let It Go?

Can You Let It GoI hate getting ripped off.

Pretty sure there is no one out there that likes being ripped off.

It just gets under my skin and makes me so angry, in a bitter kind of way.

Today I had to deal with my credit card company. I missed my payment by a day, so had to pay interest. I get that. Makes me mad, but those are the rules. But little did I know that they keep charging interest even after I made the payment and so, for two bills in a row, I had interest building off one payment that was late. I have never had a late bill on that account before in 10 years, and I always pay in full.

All I get from the credit card company is the “you should set your bill to pay automatically”. And a really confusing reason why I kept getting interest. Seriously?

After I got off the phone (managing to get them to take a little bit off the bill of which I’m still confused), I was still fuming. If I actually wasn’t so good about paying off my bill each month they actually would have been nicer to me. But heck, I don’t rack up interest each month, so I’m not actually worth as much to them.

Anyways, back to my feelings. I was fuming and was in the process of letting it ruin my whole day.

But at some point you just have to let it go. I find the best way for me to do that is to put it in perspective.

So I run through a checklist –

1). Is it really going to make or break me? Financially no. So get over it.
2). What is really bothering me about it? My own stupidity? Rich getting richer? Probably both but does it really matter? No, get over it.
3). Have you learned something that is of value? Yes (although I still can’t figure out the interest thing – I should have paid better attention in high school!). But I did learn to pay more attention. So yes, get over it.
4). Can you breathe and let go? Yes. Done. Get over it.

So my venting is done. I’ve swallowed my bitter pill. My day is looking up. Life is good.


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Day 354 – Communication Fails

CommunicationCommunication is key to survival.

Communication makes the world a better place when done well.

Communication makes each and every one of our lives so much easier.

Too often we take good communication for granted.

Poor communication drives me mad. Not just the lack of communicating, but the way in which someone communicates.

Talk nice to me and I will move mountains to do something for you. Or just take the time to ask questions or listen. All the ways to communicate.

But not treating me with respect, or anyone else, I bite back. I know I should learn to hold back my tongue. Unfortunately my defense mechanism kicks in before I have a chance to stop it.

For instance, today I, along with a number of other people, were sent an email that stated that someone needed to “fess up” for what they had done. It was very accusing and negative. And had a bunch of people on the email distribution list. But the problem with it was that it was obvious that it was me that made the mistake. So rather than just contacting me, the person decided to do a classic example of shaming.

He just needed to ask me nicely.

Am I silly for caring? Probably. But that is what our society needs more of. People that listen and communicate without negativity or preconceived notions. People that think before they do.

People who communicate openly and with decency.

Because communication is truly the make or break part of our existence.

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