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I have always wanted to write. I like to journal. I like to talk to people about pretty much anything (except I was raised not to discuss politics or religion in groups, so those topics will be off the table). I have challenged myself to write every day for a year. Click here for my list to date.

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Day 365 – I Did It!!

365 Days DoneDay 365, September 22.

Why did I start my blog challenge last year on September 23? An absolutely ordinary day. No significance whatsoever. It was just a day

Maybe it was because I really didn’t think I would make it to Day 365, so didn’t anticipate it ending on another nondescript day. Just a Tuesday.

But here I am. 365 days of never missing a day. 2,920 posts!

When my friends asked me what I was going to write for my final blog, one of my friends said, just say good-bye.

But I figured I needed to say a bit more than that. I needed to use this space to reflect on my year as a blogger.

I have spent the year researching content, coming up with topics, finding funny videos, educational blogs, books and movies and more. And I have had so much fun doing it while learning so much.

I have written my blog from many different locations. Thank goodness for my iPhone! I have come up with ideas in Starbucks lineups and on ferry rides. I’ve written in hotels, in my car, at the beach and waiting for kids in front of the school.

Some days I felt good about what I was writing, while other days it was a struggle and it showed. But the important things was that I wrote. My grammar wasn’t perfect, and I’m sure there were many spelling mistakes.

I still can’t tell you exactly why I took on this challenge, because it was a pretty big undertaking. Who knew that doing this would take me a couple hours at least every day. But the satisfaction of knowing I did it I will never forget.

I’m proud of this blog because I did it for me. It had no ulterior motive. It was purely for my satisfaction. I didn’t have to run any of my ideas past other people. I made all the decisions. That in itself was such a pleasure.

Writing every day has made me a faster writer and more comfortable with writing.

Doing something for 365 days has made me believe that I really can do whatever I set my mind to. I’m a little bit stubborn (very) and a little competitive with myself (a lot).

So this is the end of my daily writing. My blog is not going to end, and I am going to have fun doing different things with the content I have developed.

I hope you have enjoyed my challenge too. Perhaps it will inspire you to take on something you didn’t think you could do.

Because if I can do it, so can you.

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Day 364 – Obsessions, Risks and Celebrations

Obsessions Risks and CelebrationsAs I wind down my 365 day challenge, I am amazed by the mix of emotion I am going through with it all.

And how many topics keep flying through my head, as though trying to get in their last word.

The last day or so alone I have thought about Obsessions. Now this mainly comes from the fact that my family is completely obsessed with watching World Cup Rugby right now. I will clarify, my family minus me, although I will watch a couple games and will be seeing some games live when we go to England in two weeks. But watching my family and friends in the rugby world living from game to game, it made me think of what my obsessions are.

I have a few!

Like the start of all the new shows this week on TV. Or the release of new music from artists I love. Or going to live concerts. Starting a new book. Anything to do with dance. All things I love to be obsessed with as they are a wonderful distraction from work and serious life.

And this blog has been an obsession for 365 days.

What things in your life do you consider an obsession? Can’t live without? And you don’t have to waste your obsession card on saying your family, cause that is just a given.

So then I started thinking about Risks. I listened to a talk on Taking Bold, Yet Calculated, Risks (see Made Me Think section). Taking on this blog was a risk. Not a financial risk as it didn’t cost me very much to produce. But more an emotional risk. I had to put myself out there every single day. So knowing that people could agree or disagree with what I wrote, or not like what I was doing, crossed my mind a lot. I didn’t market my blog like I probably could have because I was a bit afraid of that part of the risk. But I did it and I’m proud of the risk I took. It gave me more confidence moving forward.

Which now that my 365 day challenge is ending, and I survived the risk, and I have built this obsession that I’m going to have to wean myself off of, how am I going to Celebrate was my final word thought of the day.

I have had a few friends ask me my plans for celebrating my success. I truthfully haven’t thought of one, although I really should do something special. I have one more day to come up with something. But whether I do something significant or not to celebrate, I know when I wake up on Tuesday morning and post my final blog, I will be celebrating my victory!

I will do a little happy dance in my office. And be so happy that I have completed this magnificent journey.

How do you celebrate when you have done something you are proud of? Share your ideas!

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Day 363 – Should We Take The Easy Road Or Not?

Taking the Easy RoadAlmost two years ago I decided I didn’t want to be an event planner anymore.

After 16 years I was feeling I had done enough. I had lost my mojo. Or more like, I was just burnt out and ready for a change.

So thus came the start of my new company. Which I’m excited about, but lots of work and definitely not easy.

I feel like I am struggling with where I’m going with the new company and having to learn so much. And then last night I organized a fundraiser for our rugby tour. A quick event with a silent auction, food and more. Simple.

Simple because I knew what to do. I didn’t have to question myself because I was completely confident in what I was doing. Because I had done it for so long, how could I not be confident.

I did forget how long it takes to pull together all the pieces, no matter how big or small the event. Bid sheets, signage, volunteer coordination and petty cash. Maybe it is like a mother who gives birth – we quickly forget the pain or else we’d never have more children. So to the event world!

I realized I could very easily go back into the event management world. It is something I am so comfortable and confident doing. It was nice doing an event that reminded me of how I actually was good at something in the past.

Because starting a new company in a new area is not exactly confidence building. It is scary and I spend many hours wondering why I am doing what I am doing.

But would I be happy in the long run? Would I get bored doing events again? Would I feel like I gave up just because it got tough?

I believe I would, so thus why I am going to keep persevering with 365 Day Media Group and Rodan + Fields.

A little discomfort isn’t always a bad thing. I’m hoping it can be a motivator to my eventual happiness.

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Day 362 – Pride Is In The Name Of Love

PrideAre you a proud person? Do you have incredible pride about someone or something in your life?

Does that pride just make you burst?

What does it feel like for you?

Yesterday my boys were featured on a news story on our local station and I am exploding with pride. The story wasn’t about me. It was about the wonderful relationship that my sons have with their father.

I immediately felt this deep feeling of goodness.

This calmness that, for the moment, all is good in the world.

No jealousy that my husband gets the accolades and the bond with the boys. Because they are my extension. They are my world and what goes well for them goes well for me.

And when things don’t, then that extension is just as emotional.

I don’t believe there are many times when feelings like this come from such a pure place.

So a simple blog today to reflect on pride. Finding it. Holding on to it. Appreciating it. And loving it.

It is a treasure.

Watch the story from CHEK News

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Day 361 – Why We Should All Work With Teenagers

Working with TeenagersFor the last two weeks I have been addicted to watching the television series Friday Night Lights in every bit of spare time I can find.

Way too addicted, but how can you not like a drama centered around football!!

Watching it makes me think of working with my rugby team. I have been part of the management team with these boys since they were just little. So watching the coaches and the players on Friday Night Lights reminds me of my boys.

Cause they are my team. My boys.

I adore every single one of them. I feel so blessed that I have had an opportunity to be part of their lives. And in two weeks, we are taking this group to the UK for an 11 day tour. (Hopefully I love them as much afterwards).

I think my work with the rugby team has really helped me focus on what it is I want to do in my last decade of working – helping youth and young adults navigate this world.

I think everyone should take some time to work with teenagers. Far too many adults are quick to judge them, yet don’t spend the time knowing them. Because there is a lot going on in those minds. Far more than they are given credit for. A whole group of them are going to be going on our UK Tour bald as they are all shaving their heads for kids with cancer. Doing such a wonderful thing for others. Great hearts.

I love to joke around with them. I enjoy reaching out to each of them so they know I’m there if they need someone to listen to.

I really think I should have been a school councilor. So hopefully my 365 Day Media Group will help me fill that interest area.

I have learned a lot working with these boys over the years, and hopefully they learned from me too.

I know I will continue to be part of their lives in some way forever. Even if only as a memory.

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Day 360 – Ask A Busy Person

Busy PeopleI consider myself a pretty busy person with lots on my plate.

People like to blame me for being busy. That it is my fault for not saying no to things.

But what do you do when no one else says yes? I could just walk away, but it is not in my DNA to say no. I don’t want to see things fail when it just needs someone to take it on.

And I especially hate it when people say “but you are so good at it Tami”. Like their lack of ability to help is based on the fact that I know how to do it. That is just not fair.

Because I actually never used to know how to do anything either. I have taught myself over the years how to do things myself. So if I can learn then why can’t others.

But as they say, if you want something done, ask a busy person.

So I land up getting grumpy hearing people’s excuses. And resentful.

Eventually though I just have to take a breath and let it be. Because along with ask a busy person, I also believe that good will come to those who put in the time.

I also try to remember that they may have other things they are working on that I don’t know about. Perhaps they volunteer for other things. Or they have a family issue they are dealing with. You just never know unless they tell you.

I also hope that my kids are influenced by what they see. They know what it is to volunteer. And as my son reminded me tonight, I will never regret being involved with his sports and school.

Yes it has made me way too busy being involved with their lives, but I will never regret a moment (I’ll just be grumpy every once in awhile!).

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