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365dayMom just came to me. I literally saw it as 365dayMom the day I thought of it and it grew to be this site. It is my hope that it becomes a one stop place for busy moms (and others!) to find balance, humour, inspiration and happiness. All the things I love in my life. And this project has become a wonderful passion for me as it let’s me explore everything awesome in life! I hope it will do the same for you.

6 (2)Music club
I have always loved music. From my first little green record player playing Donny Osmond albums, I have been obsessed with listening to music. Songs have had meaning all my life, and my Music Club is a chance for me to share songs that I love and why, and hopefully help you discover new music or bring back amazing memories.

Book club
I am one of those people… you know the ones who have to own every book they read. I kicked my kids to the basement so I could make one of their rooms my library for my books. I love to share my books, recommend my favourites, and talk about what I like about them. I rarely don’t like something about a book. It is someone’s heart and soul so you have to find something to like!

Made me laugh
We all need to laugh every day. And I mean out loud (yes, LOL). It is my favourite thing about Facebook as someone always posts a good laugh out loud moment pretty much every day. Here on 365dayMom you will be guaranteed a new laugh every day.

Made me think
I love to learn, and with the internet, the opportunities are endless. I love to read something, or hear something, that really makes me take a moment to think. It may be a quote that touches me. It may be a speech about a topic I have never given much thought to. But we all need to continue to expand our minds each and every day.

Delicious food
I live in a household of males. Even my dog is male. And they are all completely and utterly guided by their stomachs. They are never full. But I’m also in a household of not just males, but male athletes (okay, the dog is getting a bit old to be considered an athlete!). They take their eating very seriously. My 365dayMom challenge is going to force me to make a better selection of healthy foods each day. I’m looking forward to you sharing your recipes with me too (cause I am going to run out!).

Get moving
As I said above, I live with athletes. I am not one. I live with males who never have to think about working out as its just part of who they are. I am not the same. I used to be much better, always 2 (2)dancing and doing sports. But left to my own devices and I put pretty much everything ahead of exercising.  Sound familiar??  I’m a year out from being 50, so what better time to really kick some butt (at least my own) and make exercise something fun and routine. This will be my most difficult challenge!

Just anything
You know the junk drawer in your kitchen that has everything and anything in it but always has things you can’t live without. That is going to be this section. My big miscellaneous section. Everyone must have one.

My blog
And finally there will be my blog. I have always wanted to write. I like to journal. I like to talk to people about pretty much anything (except I was raised not to discuss politics or religion in groups, so those topics will be off the table). Some days I am sure I will have a lot more to say than others. But I will try to come up with something every day that means something to me, and more importantly, something to you too!

I really hope you enjoy my site. Please share, follow and comment as we take this journey together!


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