Day 7 – Netflix is the ultimate procrastination tool

house of cardsI discovered Netflix this year. Or more importantly, I discovered the mini-series on Netflix! What started off as a little Homeland turned in to House of Cards and then Suits and then Mad Men and then… Think my crowning glory was The Killing in which I managed to watch all four seasons in less than three days.

So have you fallen culprit to a mini-series yet? Have you done the terrible “just one more episode” at 2:00 am? Come on, you can admit it!

The funny thing about watching all these shows, you would think it would bring at least my husband and I closer together. I mean, what a great way to sit and enjoy time together. But nope, we can’t even do that. Because I watch every single minute. If he doesn’t like a plot line or a character, he fast forwards it so he can finish before me. He’s so competitive!

I guess while I’m working on my 365 day habits, I probably should not add this to my list of good habits. But must say, escaping in to the world of Carrie, Holder, Harvey and Francis is some days is just what the doctor ordered.

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