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Day 282 – 10 Reasons I Am A Proud Canadian

10 Reasons I Love Being CanadianIt is Canada Day! It is the day for red and white and bragging about our awesome country.

Oh sure it has some issues. They all do.

But overall, I am very proud to be Canadian.

So to honour this great day (and not just with beer and a bbq) I thought I would make a top 10 list. This is my top 10 about why I love being Canadian, from my perspective (because of course everyone has their own reasons for loving or hating something!):

1. While we complain about waits, at least our medical system is free. We know we are always covered.

2. We have seasons. Lots of seasons depending on where you live. Now here on the west coast (or also known as the “wet” coast), our seasons aren’t as severe but we still have four distinct seasons.

3. We, in general, tend to be nice people. Sure we have our fair share of jerks, but overall we are known for our niceness. Can’t complain about that.

4. Our money is pretty. And so is our flag.

5. We have an excellent school system, regardless of what people may think. Compared to many places in this world, our kids are very lucky.

6. We have many different cultures so our children grow up learning so much more about this world. And I believe this makes them more tolerant and accepting of the world around them.

7. We have lots and lots of laws and bylaws and rules and taxes, but that makes for clean water and well kept roads. Our garbage is picked up (for the most part) and our neighbourhoods are not over-crowded. We have green space in urban areas. We are a beautiful place to live and thankfully these rules are helping us keep it that way.

8. We have lots of great musicians and actors and creative folks that keep us entertained.

9. We have words that are our own, of which we are most famous for is our eh? I do not know any true Canadian who doesn’t say eh?

10. We are stereotyped all over the world but what a great stereotype we are. Happy, go-lucky, hockey loving, fun loving Canadians.

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends and family!

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