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Day 101 – 365 Days of Selfies

365 day selfiesHappy New Year!

I cannot believe we are already at 2015. Not only does it seem like it just turned 2014, it actually just seems like we had the turn of the century.

On January 1 last year I started my selfie project. I don’t know why I started it exactly. I think a number of things we’re going through my head.
1. I am pretty much never in photos, so thought it would be fun to have 365 pics of myself. Now that being said, I now have 365 pretty darn ugly pics of myself but it’s quantity not quality.
2. I didn’t want it to be just me, but knew I had no choice of getting my husband or kids in the photos. So an easy victim was my dog. Who by the end of the first month had learned to turn his head as soon as I came near.
3. I wanted to practice journaling so I found an app that I could upload the pics to each day and write a snippet about my day. I kept them short. But a great review of what I did that day and what I was feeling.
4. I wanted to change my thought patterns so each day I ended the entry with a gratitude statement. I wrote this at night and it really helped me clear my head into the right space for a good sleep.

So now the start of a new year. And the question is, do I continue with the same project or come up with something new. I’m kind of attached to this one, so I’m thinking I continue with it.

The poor dog will have to continue to suffer. Plus with this 365day blog, I’m becoming quite routine! Change might be bad!!

Have you got a project you would like to undertake this year? Make it something simple so it is achievable and then go for it. The year will be done before you know it!

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