Day 38 – What Do You Need To Make It a Good Day?

Great dayWhat makes the day a good one for you?

Is it getting a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning? Getting a workout in? Finishing a project? Visiting with friends? Sitting down for dinner with your family? All of the above?

For my dog Tazo I’m pretty sure its a run on the beach.

If you have been following my blog, you have probably figured out a few things about me and can guess what makes a good day for me.

But today I realized that what really makes my day great is having even just a few minutes to talk with my kids. And not the talking while I do something else kind, but actually taking a few minutes to stop and have a face to face chat. My favourite is around our kitchen island after school.

A friend and I a couple years ago were talking about how great it was that our kids were starting to drive. At that point his son had just received his N (which meant his son could now drive the car without a parent). Mine still had his learners. I was saying how amazing it must be not to have to drive him everywhere. And he said, that while some parts were great, he was missing those moments in the car. Those conversations you have in the car because they are trapped and are your prisoners for information.

I’m now greedy for talking time with my kids. They are getting independent and time is limited. So my stolen moments with them are precious.

So that is my good day moment. Of course a little chocolate also goes a long way!

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