Time to get moving!

WalkingI am amazing at thinking about what fitness routine I’m going to do every day and even more amazing at not getting it done! I am magically going to get toned and fit. It is just going to happen. Not so much! So of my 365DayMom challenges, this one is going to be the toughest. All I want to try to do, and encourage others to do, is to do something to get moving each day. To take a break. To get distracted. To make it part of my daily routine like brushing my teeth. I would never not brush my teeth twice a day! And so it begins!! 15 minute minimum is what I’m planning each day. Me time. You time. On the Move – walk for 15 minutes. Nothing hard about that. It’s just making the time. Heck I could march on the spot while I watch tv but know it would be nicer if I went outside.

Today’s Challenge – Get outside and walk.  15 minutes is your minimum.

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