Day 3 – It is truly a dog’s life

tazo puppyOur beloved family dog is 11.5 years old. The day we brought him home I cried. Not in happiness! I cried because I was thinking what had I done. My kids had just started sleeping through the night (my kids were slow to get that concept). And now here I was on the floor sleeping beside the crate of a crying dog. And all I could think was my kids will be graduated by the time I was without the commitment of a dog.

So now here we are over 11 years in and I’m terrified of losing him. He is the centre of our household. He gets more cuddles and attention than anyone else. I know I will be a mess the day we lose him. And I noticed as we hit the beginning of this year that he really started to slow down. He’s still a puppy in his head but his body is not keeping up.

On January 1st I decided to mark my love for Tazo (named after my favourite Starbucks drink…kids named him) by taking a picture with him every day. So fun Tazo taking up the picto try and capture a moment with him. It’s not like we have big adventures every day. In fact, most of the adventure is trying to get him to not turn his head from me (who knew a dog can hate having his pic taken). But I have this wonderful photo diary with him which I will treasure for always.

So while most of this was about me and Tazo, it was also a test for me to see if I could stick to something like this. And I have!! Almost every single day!!

Tazo begging selfieGive it a try! What would you take a pic of every day? Could you do it for 365 days? I use “Day One” as my journal app. I upload a pic, make a comment about my day, put in a gratitude statement and bang, your day feels complete!  I challenge you to give it a try.

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