Day 40 – Have To Do vs Want To Do

The to do listDon’t you hate it when what you want to do and what you have to do don’t match up?

Think of all the things that conflict in your life. Like eating that chocolate bar when you are trying to lose weight. Or watching the late night news when you know you should be sleeping.

I’m making a list with all my have to list on one side and all my want to do list on the other.

For instance, I know that I really should be doing my course work every day or working on my paid client work. But what I really love doing is working on my blog.

After I finish my list, I’m going to schedule my calendar, ensuring that I’m balancing my list. Making time each day for the have to do but also squeezing in the right amount of time for the fun stuff too!

Because if I do way more of one than the other, I find that I am not happy with either outcome. Playing all day makes me feel guilty and behind, but working on items I don’t enjoy as much makes me grumpy.

Sure would be nice if every day gave us enough time to do everything we want to do as well as the should do. Balance is key.

What is on your two lists of have to do vs want to do? How do you keep balanced, or do you?

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