Day 5 – Happy Birthday

4 (2)Today is my oldest son’s 19th birthday. And I’m in shock. How can that be possible? My memories of giving birth to him are as clear as if it was yesterday. Every single (agonizing, joyful, incredible) moment.

This past summer we travelled to Germany as a family. My youngest was playing rugby, my husband was coaching and so Morgan and I spent six days in Heidelberg together alone. I will treasure that time forever. We hiked, we rode bikes (and will re-live my “near death” experience for years to come), we visited castles and I sat in in a pub for the first time with my son.

It was really a gift to have this time with him. When we are in the thick of parenting, the light at the end of the tunnel seems so far away. And we have been very 2 (2)blessed to have two boys who have caused us very little trouble.

But still it has been busy and crazy and suddenly we are in a different kind of relationship. I have another adult in the house. I feel so lucky that he chose to go to university in our hometown as I get to keep him for a bit longer.

I have loved each and every stage my kids have gone through, but this parenting an adult is amazing. So time to put away my helicopter (although I don’t think I was a big helicopter parent, honest… although they would probably say differently), and enjoy sharing adulthood with my son.

Can I still tell him what to wear?? Curfew??

Happy Birthday Morgan xo

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