Day 99 – Cleaning House

Cleaning HouseI’m a bit of a hoarder. I come by it naturally, its genetic.

I’m the kind of person who saves pens that are almost dry but may have a little life in them. Or saves used file folders because you never know when you’ll need one (even though you have a box of new ones). Or the binders upon binders upon binders.

And this is just my office.

I’ve decided that today is my day to purge my office. Time to start fresh, because I’m starting up my new company in the new year, so the items that I had for years and years for all my events, I don’t need anymore. And especially the many, many, many event operation binders I have. They are all going to recycling.

The thing about purging is its not just about the clutter on your shelves. It is also about the clutter in your mind. I know when my work space is organized I feel so much more organized. But I also feel that when I de-clutter and throw away old “baggage” I feel so much lighter and inspired.

Because as I move forward with my business, I don’t want to feel dragged down by the past. Not that the past was bad, but it was an era and now it is done. Time for a change!

Do you hoard? Or at least have something that you just can’t throw away when you know you should? Maybe today is the day to clear out!

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