Day 96 – A Day of Nothing

Boxing DayOne of the things I look forward to with the holidays is taking time to do nothing. Or more importantly, do nothing and not feel guilty about it.

So as soon as Boxing Day starts out comes either a book or a television series to completely waste away my day.

This year, it is Grey’s Anatomy. Because darn it if Netflix doesn’t have XX seasons of it. So I can’t seem to stop watching it. And it is so much fun going back to the beginning of the show and remembering how the characters developed over the seasons.

Lots of great quotes and emotions coming from the show. I’ve cried and laughed and really enjoyed my nothing day.

I know, to some, that sounds like a great waste of time. How can you take a whole day to watch a TV program, especially one you have actually seen before.

But we all have things that make us relax and re-energize. That we enjoy just because they just are.

My husband has read a book all day. My kids have played a video game I think pretty much all day. We all needed a day of just doing nothing and it has been excellent.

Tomorrow I will do more. Maybe.

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