Day 95 – Phew!


A big collective Phew is heard around the world by all involved with Christmas. From the kids who woke up far too early, to the parents who thus also woke up way too early. To the pets who also woke up. And of course the grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and everyone else celebrating Christmas.

It is such a day of high expectations. So once it is done, it is so good to say Phew.

So the carrots didn’t cook. No big deal. Rest of the meal was quite tasty.

Oh, and my second attempt at finding the perfect belt for my son failed again. That I can fix.

The stomach ache, well that is just plain overindulging on chocolate since opening my stocking.

But overall a success. And the best thing is Boxing Day is here! That means pjs all day, a good book, a couple Netflix shows, more chocolate and a nap. I kind of like Boxing Day almost as much as Christmas Day. All the laziness with no expectations!

So to everyone, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a huge Phew to you!

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