Day 9 – When You Finally Find What Fits

Just fitsI wrote that title and then realized people will probably think I’m meaning my jeans. I’m not (although always happy when they do!).

I’m talking about finding something in your life that just feels so right. That it just fits. I have been trying to find that with my work for awhile. I loved what I did. And am proud of all the events I have put on over the years. But this past week I feel like everything has come together to just fit. And I truly believe it is because I’m doing something I feel passionate about, and so everything else has fallen in to place beautifully.

In one week I have launched this site. I worked with five other women to launch 100 Women Who Care Victoria (and we raised $14,000 for a local charity in one hour). I worked on and launched websites for the TC10K and the Victoria Goddess Run. And to fit alongside the Goddess Run, I developed another 365day project with 365dayGoddess. Throw in some rugby and PAC, and my week was crazy full.

I’m tired but I feel so good. Because I love what I’m doing. I’m challenging myself but that is a great thing. I’m really happy.

As eloquently put by Nelson Mandela, “There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

Have you found what fits? Are you settling or are you still striving for more?

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