Day 68 – Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbyeYou know those friends you have that you may not see very often, but they will always be so important to you?  One of my bestest friends, and was a neighbour for many years, is just like that. We don’t see each other very much, we are terrible at communicating, but today she arrived on my door step to say good-bye as they are moving to another province.

We both broke down!

We shared so much with them as a family. Family holidays to the Okanagan and Disneyland. New Year’s Eve craziness. Many days sitting on the front steps chatting about life. Supporting each other. And so many funny and cherished memories.

We will always be friends. And will see each other. But there was something final about them really moving. And it wasn’t just about the two of us. It was the closing of a big chapter in all of our lives that we shared.

Our kids were each others first friends. They were just little when they used to run across the street to play with each other. And while they have all grown up and gone there separate ways, they will always have those first friend memories. And that is what felt sad to know was really over. Our kids are getting older and those connections aren’t the same anymore. But it made me realize that our lives really are changing. New stages. Great stages, but different stages.

So to my lovely friend, we have to work hard to make sure our friendship of over 16 years continues even though we are in different provinces. Will miss you! xo

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