Day 355 – Can You Let It Go?

Can You Let It GoI hate getting ripped off.

Pretty sure there is no one out there that likes being ripped off.

It just gets under my skin and makes me so angry, in a bitter kind of way.

Today I had to deal with my credit card company. I missed my payment by a day, so had to pay interest. I get that. Makes me mad, but those are the rules. But little did I know that they keep charging interest even after I made the payment and so, for two bills in a row, I had interest building off one payment that was late. I have never had a late bill on that account before in 10 years, and I always pay in full.

All I get from the credit card company is the “you should set your bill to pay automatically”. And a really confusing reason why I kept getting interest. Seriously?

After I got off the phone (managing to get them to take a little bit off the bill of which I’m still confused), I was still fuming. If I actually wasn’t so good about paying off my bill each month they actually would have been nicer to me. But heck, I don’t rack up interest each month, so I’m not actually worth as much to them.

Anyways, back to my feelings. I was fuming and was in the process of letting it ruin my whole day.

But at some point you just have to let it go. I find the best way for me to do that is to put it in perspective.

So I run through a checklist –

1). Is it really going to make or break me? Financially no. So get over it.
2). What is really bothering me about it? My own stupidity? Rich getting richer? Probably both but does it really matter? No, get over it.
3). Have you learned something that is of value? Yes (although I still can’t figure out the interest thing – I should have paid better attention in high school!). But I did learn to pay more attention. So yes, get over it.
4). Can you breathe and let go? Yes. Done. Get over it.

So my venting is done. I’ve swallowed my bitter pill. My day is looking up. Life is good.


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