Day 352 – When Do You Stop Paying For Things For Your Kids?

Paying for Things for your KidsIt is really easy when your kids are young.

You pay for everything. Simple.

But as they get older, the expectation becomes more and more that they pay for themselves.

So at what point do you stop paying for things for your kids?

Or more like, when do you stop feeling guilty when you don’t pay for something?

I know I always feel bad when my kids have to pay for something (I unreasonably feel bad) because I know how hard they work to make their money. Because its not like I work hard for my money.

But when they were little and I would see their accounts get cleaned out by one small purchase, I would feel terrible. For some reason though, I have continued to feel bad even as they both have had jobs that allowed them to save some money.

What is it that makes me feel like I need to support my children?

It is interesting watching how each family handles money and supporting their children differently. I don’t think I have one set of friends who does it the same way. Some pay for anything and everything for a very long time. Others start making their kids buy things right from a very young age.

For instance, the cell phone. I pay for my kid’s phones. I have justified it by my need to get hold of them, so therefore I don’t feel it is worthwhile for me to pay. Other friends never pay for their child’s cell phone.

Are either of us right? Wrong?

I believe we all have to make decisions that work best for our family. But I do also believe that our children have to learn to live independently. Maybe it is just baby steps at first. An outfit here. A movie there. A cell phone bill. A university tuition.

It is all part of life’s progression.

And if you feel the need to educate yourself more, this article in Time is interesting.

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