Day 349 – Treat September Like January

September ResolutionsLast year when I visited Carmen Spagnolia, she told me that September is like my January. That I need to treat September 1 like January 1.

So I now see September as my time to start projects.

And to make “resolutions” and goals for my new year.

And the nice thing is, no one is really watching me to make sure I hit my resolutions. It is my little secret (until I wrote on my blog of course).

I don’t think I’m the only one who feels like September is the time for change. Probably has something to do with having school age kids.

But I do find it so much easier to actually get geared up for change when the weather is still half decent, the fall colours are coming in, the summer clothes are being packed away and the warm winter clothes making an appearance.

I really do love Fall. The temperatures. The leaves changing colours. The clothes. My birthday.

So my resolutions this Fall are:
1) The classic “exercise more” but I am going to try and use my 365dayMom Get Moving workouts for the next year, so we shall see!
2) I start my Evolve Accelerator course on September 9 and I am so excited. This course is going to help me go from start-up idea to a full-fledged business in the next months. So my promise to myself is to give this course all the time it needs and deserves.
3) I’m going to start reaching out more with my R+F business. I believe in the product, so learning to put myself out there to sell something is going to be a challenge. But as I heard from Carolyn Herferth from Evolve, that it isn’t my job to convince someone to buy my product. It is my job to present my story and if that seems like a fit, then the prospect will jump on board. If its not, then that is fine. I always feel that what is meant to be will be.
4) I’m going to do a great job of my volunteer jobs this Fall, and then I’m going to walk away from volunteering for a year when they naturally come to an end. Because it is time for me to focus without distraction for a year. If I give the time deserved to my business, then I will hopefully be able to give back financially and with time to volunteer projects that mean something to me.

So there you go. My September resolutions.

Care to join me on this? September 23 I will start my new challenge by attempting to do the exercises every day. Come join me!

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