Day 348 – Are You Able To Love Your Job?

Do You Love Your JobFor me, I would say that 90% of the time I absolutely love my job.

The other 10% is probably when I have too much to do, and usually because my volunteer work (and a certain blog) get in my way, so then I start not liking my job.

Not sure why my job gets blamed for this. It is not my job’s fault that I choose to volunteer for way too many things. That I have a problem sitting on my hands when someone asks for help.

And I have noted that there is a direct correlation between my increase in volunteer responsibilities and my enjoyment I get out of my actual work.

Because I actually am so excited to be launching 365 Day Media Group while also finding my way through a Rodan + Fields career too. They are both making me so happy to work on.

But I am not getting enough time to work on them because of that issue I have with the hand.

I keep saying it will get easier once the rugby tour is over, it will be easier once the 100+ Women website is done, and it will of course be easier when the rugby season is over.

Am I just fooling myself though? Will I continue to fill up the blank spaces?

As I ponder my next 365 days, what my challenge should be, I’m thinking that I need to have a 365 day challenge to not volunteer. Is that a terrible thing to say?

I mean, let’s qualify that.

I can still go out and volunteer at things. But I’m not allowed to join anymore committees. So as my volunteer work comes to an end, can I really tell myself not to pick anything else up yet?

Am I okay to put myself and my career first for a little bit?

Being the person I am, I like rules. If I say I have to do this because it is a rule, I think I can do it.

At some point, you really do have to say “time for someone else to pick up the slack”.

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