Day 341 – Oh To Be a Two Year Old

Two Years OldI was thinking today about how fun it would be to be a two year old again.

Probably just for a couple days because then the fun would wear off.

Just think of all the good things you could get away with when you were two.

Napping. Oh how I would love to nap at any time of the day. And not feel guilty.

Meals made three times a day. Snack foods in little containers. A sippy cup.

Being able to scream and yell and not really be held accountable. Sure someone will tell you to stop but you won’t lose any friends or coworkers over it.

Someone picking out your outfits. And dressing you.

You get someone to read you stories and play with you. And you actually get to play. Any time you want!

Diapers. Okay, maybe the best part of being two but definitely handy.

No responsibilities. And you can be totally absorbed in yourself.

Who could ask for more.

I’m not saying that I’d want to go back there for long. But there are some days when I am really tired or want to scream just because I want to that I think about the life of a two year old.

I just need a little nap.

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