Day 340 – Try Not To Act Weird

Try Not To Act WeirdThe text I received from my son today, as he was telling me that he had a girl coming over, was “try not to act weird.”

Me, weird?

How could he ever think I would be weird.

So right away I texted my two cousins. We are all the same age and have gone through dating teenagers for years. We had some great giggles over what our kids have all said to us.

Most times our kids don’t even let us meet their new “friend” until it has become an established relationship.

All have experienced the “don’t be weird” type of messages.

And the three of us all immediately went there – yep – to the “what can I do to be weird now that they have asked us not to be?”

We had a lot of fun coming up with ways to embarrass our children. How mean are we?

But seriously, asking us not to be weird. I would never have said that to my parents.

And yes, I just lied.

I think we have all been scared and nervous about introducing our families to our potential date. And pretty much guaranteed that someone from the family said or did something mortifying at the time of introduction.

I mean, my husband has a strange sense of humour at the best of times. And thus so do I. So I can see why they might worry about introducing us. Although I never am really sure what they qualify for being weird, and never know what will cause an issue.

But I am happy to report, that I think we managed to make it through without being too weird. This time.

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