Day 339 – The Feeling of Embarrassment

EmbarrassmentDo you ever feel embarrassed? Do you stop yourself from doing something because you may feel embarrassed?

I, like I think most people, have always been envious of people who don’t seem to let what others will think get in their way.

You know, the ones who wear crazy clothes, or cut their hair on a whim. Those who speak what is on their mind or love to draw attention to themselves.

I have always been the most envious of people who wear whatever they feel like. Who put together amazing outfits without even thinking twice about what others might say.

But am I truly embarrassed? Are people really feeling embarrassed for me?

According to Seth Godin, “I would be embarrassed to do that,” doesn’t mean you would actually be embarrassed, it means you would feel embarrassed.

Our worry and stress about what others might think of us is probably putting way more thought into it all than it deserves. Does what I wear to work really embarrass people? Does it really affect others?

Probably not.

Does not trying something new in front of others because you don’t want to embarrass yourself by perhaps failing really going to bother the other people?

No. And, in fact, they will probably have both empathy and compassion for the fact you tried.

We learn at a very young age to be embarrassed. And I do think that how our parents handled situations affected how we reacted, and that in turn was passed on to our children.

If you were raised not to bring attention to ourselves by doing anything out of place, then chances are you didn’t (unless you chose to rebel but even then you probably had a deep down embarrassment meter!). And chances are that your children have inherited this trait.

There is nothing wrong with having some level of understanding of what is embarrassment worthy. Seth Godin talks about being appropriate, so for instance we know not to wear a clown suit to a funeral.

So don’t wear a clown suit to a funeral. But other than that, go for it. Quiet your inner judge and be free.

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